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Fuchs Maintain Brake Cleaner - 5 Litres

  • £2050


MAINTAIN BRAKE CLEANER is a blend of solvents designed as a safe way of removing unwanted dust from brake drums and clutch assemblies during routine maintenance service checks.

The product will remove grease, oil and brake fluid residue without damaging neoprene seals or friction materials. It is extremely searching and will penetrate the most inaccessible areas; its powerful solvent base will flush away unwanted contaminants.

MAINTAIN BRAKE CLEANER is recommended for use on all types of brake and clutch assemblies to clean back plates, adjusters and cam levers.


• 1. Place absorbent material under brake housing.
• 2. Spray onto selected area.
• 3. Provide for drainage.
• 4. Reapply where necessary


• Rapid evaporation
• Excellent degreasing properties leaves residue free components
• Reaches inaccessible areas due to good searching and penetrating properties
• Compatible with neoprene seals and frictional material commonly found in brake systems

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